vendredi 3 juin 2011

News : Nouveau livre de Paullina Simons

The bonne nouvelle du jour ! 
Paullina Simons nous annonce son nouveau livre !
Gina et Harold vont être mes futurs coup de coeur je le sens bien :))
Pas de date de sortie annoncée pour le moment, et encore moins pour la France...
A suivre...
Before Love, there was Love.
Before Tatiana and Alexander
Before Leningrad and Lazarevo
Before everything,
There was Gina from Lagosanto who came to Boston’s Freedom Docks
To start a new life
And met Harold Barrington who was searching for his.
Their bond was instant,
And so was the blockade against them.
Betrayed friendship, centuries-old family tradition, deep-seated prejudice, enmity of blood rivals joined forces to destroy them.
He an idealist, she a romantic, both impetuous and young, Gina and Harold stood tall together against the dawning of a new civilization:
The Model T
The birth of unions
The Russian Revolution
The upheaval of nations.
In the tumult that forged the modern American century, Gina and Harold’s ill-fated love story will break your heart.

From Paullina Simons who brought you the unforgettable Bronze Horseman comes
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ps : bellagrand me fait forcément penser à Bella/twilight bon signe aussi non? hihihi ^^

Ici mon avis sur la sublime Saga Tatiana

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